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Friday 5 August 2016

Orlando Bloom Nude Photos, Katy Perry Holiday

Um... errr.

I just saw Orlando Bloom's penis.

I really didn't mean to, honest.

Okay, well... I DID read the headline.

I did see the censored version.

I did indeed click on the photo that said "click here for uncensored version".

But yeah... now I feel bad. But... a tad naughty.

See the uncensored version below, from mirror.co.uk:

Click on THIS ARTICLE to see the uncensored version. You have been warned...

More PDA (that's 'public displays of affection') photos here. Yes, that's his new girlfriend Katy Perry:

These photos are from this E! Online article HERE.

Okay, so they are on holidays.

And, there's the whole privacy thing. But: why would a celeb go naked paddle boarding, like, ever? Was it a secluded island? Is anything ever secluded... especially when you're a celeb.

In any case, congratulations Orlando. And Katy...

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