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Saturday 13 August 2016

One Fine Baby: Baby Fair, Sydney + Melbourne

If you're free this weekend - and yes, if you are pregnant, or already a new mummy - THIS is the event to attend: One Fine Baby.

Choc full of fab ideas you may never have thought of for bub (I was invited by my fellow mum friend, who is also my ex journo mate and a seriously good blogger and Instagrammer, Hipster Mum), I was blown away by the set up and ambience and stallholders available for the public to come enjoy.

Josie's Juice (also representing our sister blog TwinnieWorld) has been a little out of the baby convo (my twins are eight) so I was pleasantly surprised at the options out there for mammas. Milestone cards? Who knew!

Might I add, if you are a 'veteran' mum like I am, it's still worth coming along to: the ideas for gift giving for fellow mum friends are plentiful, not to mention every single stall holder is handpicked to fit the beautiful aesthetic of the event.

And the Friday night, opening night panel line up: whoa! If you have a chance to do this next year, come experience it. Melbourne is also offering a similar line up of fabulous women. Some amazing ladies chatted about their experiences of being a mother, and got real honest about all the hard stuff, and all the good stuff.

MCed by the truly fabulous and friendly and affable Jules Sebastian (such a perfect choice to head up a panel of exceptional women, who happen to be mothers), she lead the convo on such heavy hitters as: Emma Isaacs, Kyly Clarke, Kate Ritchie, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Jen Bishop, and more. In Melbourne, it'll be Nadia Bartel, Bec Douros, and more.

The event is on today and Sunday, at the Australian Technology Park, 2 Locomotive Street, Eveleigh. HERE is the link to the show. Sydney ladies (and gents! And kids!), enjoy.

Melbourne it'll be your turn on September 9, 10, and 11.

Tickets, go here.

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