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Saturday 7 April 2018

Dr Sandra Cabot 15 Day Cleanse: Explained

As we write this, Josie's Juice is set to embark on the new Dr Sandra Cabot 15 day cleanse.

Reason being: you really need to commit to it before you start. And constant events and wine related dinners do not mix with a diet detox!

Here is all you need to know about this cleanse, and below our experience with the good doctor Sandra herself.

First... why cleanse?

Cleansing offers additional support to the detoxification organs to remove toxins, waste products and excess cholesterol from the body. We are regularly exposed to an array of chemicals and toxins through cleaning products, industrial gases, pesticides, cigarette smoke, medication, alcohol, personal care products and car fumes. Our livers are responsible for processing all of these toxins and removing them from our body via our bowels, urine, breath and sweat.
Our diets also have a huge impact on our detoxification capacity. Refined grains, refined sugars and processed foods lack the nutrients required for detoxification and place additional strain on our livers. Toxins and fat build-up in the liver, causing it to be sluggish and/or fatty; this increases the risk of insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity.
The Dr Cabot Cleanse offers your organs, gut and cells the support they need to function optimally. The program enhances the liver’s detoxification pathways, strengthens gut health and alkalinises the body to make you the healthiest version of yourself.

You are an ideal candidate for a cleanse if you are experiencing: fatigue and poor sleep, weak immune system, allergies, excess weight, bloating and reflux, constipation and/or diarrhoea, eczema and breakouts, brain fog, excess sweating and/or body odour, and aches, pains and headaches.

The Dr Cabot Cleanse is a 15-day detox plan that is designed  help you regain control of your health.The program was designed by Dr Sandra Cabot and her medical team to restore gut and liver health and reduce inflammation and acidity in the body.

This detox program improves the health of your cells and strengthens the immune system. Here is what it consists of:


(Best taken around breakfast time)
The Ultimate Liver Cleanse powder is a comprehensive formulation, combining potent antioxidants, high-quality superfoods, herbs, greens, vitamins and minerals. It is very high in protein, containing 60% protein by weight. The protein comes from superior Golden Pea protein and is suitable for vegans. This powder contains over 40 key ingredients to support liver and immune health and to increase energy.
  • Detoxifying 
    Supports the detoxification pathways of the liver to improve the breakdown and elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Immune boosting 
    Combines potent sources of vitamin C, Kakadu plum and the enzymes bromelain and papain designed to reduce inflammation.
  • Protein
    Contains easily absorbed protein and the active form of folic (folinic) acid. Doubles up as an excellent protein shake for your daily routine.


(Best taken around lunchtime)
The Ultimate Body Cleanse powder is a potent combination of alkalinising greens and minerals. It has been designed to reduce acidity and optimise the pH (acid-base balance) in the body.
  • Reduce acidity  
    Contains chlorophyll-rich chlorella powder to reduce acidity and detoxify the body.
  • Anti-inflammatory  
    The ingredients reduce acidity in the body which reduces inflammation.
  • Cell health  
    The ingredients help to protect the cells against damage. Unhealthy cells thrive in an acid environment, which increases their risk of mutation into dangerous types of cells.


(Best taken 1/2 hour before or 2 hours after dinner time)
The Ultimate Gut Cleanse powder is a superior gut powder, combining nourishing and healing amino acids, fibres and a live probiotic. This formula was designed to repair and strengthen the gut and improve gut bacteria.
  • Cleansing
    Contains the probiotic Saccharomyces Boulardii, which fights pathogenic bacteria and candida, and rebalances gut flora. Absorbs heavy metals and toxins from the gut for removal in the faeces.
  • Soothing
    Designed to reduce inflammation in the gut by providing a protective mucilage. Helps to reduce heartburn.
  • Repairing   
    Contains glutamine which is vital for repairing gut damage and restoring normal intestinal permeability. Reduces leaky gut. Glutamine is the major fuel source for the intestinal cells and restores gut integrity and promotes healing.
  • Improved absorption
    Designed to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. A damaged and/or inflamed gut will not absorb nutrients, even if you have a healthy diet.
Dr Sandra Cabot herself is really a bit of a national treasure. Sitting with her, she regales stories of her elderly yet supremely energetic mother, of umpteen case studies of myriad people she has helped, by imparting her decades of expertise, and the science behind what she does and what she offers. Her team are exceptional humans also: know their stuff and committed to the cause of good heath. We had one on one time with them, as well as Dr Cabot, where we could ask anything we liked about, well, what were inevitably our own health concerns.

Want to know more about the range of Dr Sandra Cabot's products? Click HERE.

Ready to cleanse? Buy yours HERE!

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