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Wednesday 20 June 2018

Natalie Joyce Speaks: Interview With The Australian Women's Weekly

Natalie Joyce, the former wife of Australian politician Barnaby Joyce, has spoken out for the first time since their marriage breakdown and the subsequent birth of Barnaby's son Sebastian with his new partner Vikki Campion. The exclusive interview appears in the July 2018 edition of 'The Australian Women's Weekly'.

In an exclusive with Natalie, this report about the article says that Natalie's "decision to finally speak up came easily. Along with a strong desire to set the record straight, she had four compelling reasons - her daughters Bridgette, 21, Julia, 20, Caroline, 18, and Odette, 15."

Read that article here.

It continues by adding that Natalie describes the TV interview as "an absolute disgrace", saying it didn't come as a great shock to her that Vikki was the driving force behind it.

Plus, the story was "a decision made well before word of the Barnaby and Vikki TV tell-all on 'Sunday Night' had surfaced.

The magazine posted about the interview, which is said to be unpaid, on Facebook with this photo and caption:

EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Joyce breaks her silence on the worst two years of her life, the moment she confronted her husband Barnaby Joyce's mistress and how the love and support of the greater rural community saved her. Issue on sale tomorrow. 

Here is the cover of The Australian Women's Weekly featuring the Natalie Joyce interview, out tomorrow:

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