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Sunday 3 June 2018

Vikki Campion and Barnaby Joyce: TV INTERVIEW - VIDEO

The story on TV show 'Sunday Night' was promoted like this:

COMING UP: Vikki Campion is at the centre of the biggest political scandal in decades, yet nobody has heard her side of the story … until now. Nothing is off limits as Vikki addresses the endless speculation about the affair and their working relationship, the showdown with Barnaby’s wife, the cruel and relentless attacks and the question of the child’s paternity. Sunday Night is on at 8:30 pm tonight on Channel 7, right after House Rules#SN7

The interview has just aired, and here it is in full.


What are your thoughts?

Here is a run down of the story.

Vikki broke her silence about her relationship with Barnaby Joyce, revealing she had purchased the medicine needed to have an abortion after discovering she was pregnant.

She also revealed how she had been pressured to terminate the baby by “conservatives” within the National Party.
“They came to me and they said ‘You’re pregnant and you have to get an abortion’. And they said, ‘If you don’t, they’re gonna come after you’,” she said.
“And I said it’s too late, it has a hearbreat. And they said, ‘If you don’t, they’re gonna come after you.’ And they did.”
While she didn't name them, Mr Joyce said those involved were “absolute scum of the earth people”.
“Their contribution to it is they’re gonna try and make an incredibly difficult situation almost unbearable by saying to you that, ‘Woman, you will do this if you want a career in this place.’ And that’s your Australian Parliament,” he said.
Vikki said she had thought about an abortion, but in the end could not go through with it.
“I thought I should take matters into my own hands... by considering abortion. I tried and I couldn't go through with that,” she said. “I bought the medicine online. I walked in and I walked out again.”
She said she also thought about adoption. “It was not an easy decision. It was decision that I agonised over for weeks and months. You start thinking crazy things about adoption, so he can have a normal life.” Opening up about when their relationship started, Vikki said the pair was “close for a long time” before things turned romantic in “late 2016”.
“I was close to him. I was going through some fairly difficult private circumstances of my own. He was also going through some things,” she said.
When Barnaby found about the baby, he knew he would lose his position as deputy prime minister. “I knew right then. I will be really frank. I don’t believe in abortion. I just knew straight away that I was going to lose my job as Deputy PM. And you know what I was doing was hoping and praying for a healthy baby.”
Barnaby said the hardest part about the whole situation was breaking the news to his wife of 20 years and his four daughters.
“The biggest failure of my life is the failure of my marriage,” he said. “To be frank, I don’t give a shit about the political ramifications.”
Barnaby added that six media crews had camped outside his home, adding that they felt like they were trapped.
“We were locked up for two weeks. People sitting on the front lawn. We were living a nightmare.”
He said he never intended for the affair with Ms Campion to develop, but said he was “living a lie” towards the end of his marriage, and he said he accepts the full blame for the affair.
“Show me a person who’s had a perfect marriage and I’ll show you a perfect liar.”
The couple say the money from the paid interview will go into a trust fund for baby Sebastian’s education.

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