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Wednesday 14 March 2012

Carl Katter responds to Bob Katter's anti-gay ad

The past two days have produced such vitriol directed at the gay community you'd think we are still living in the past... century.

It started with this ad below from the Australian Party leader Bob Katter:

Deemed a long-running joke in politics with his antiquated, outlandish, often outrageous views, Bob Katter's latest political aspirations have come under fire, with a TV ad which throws opposing politician Campbell Newman under a bus, not only suggesting he openly supports gay marriage (Campbell himself cannot seem to answer the question as to whether he actually does or not), but also producing an ad which is homophobic and damaging - particularly to the young, impressionable gay person, already struggling with their identity (the ad comes complete with the pixelating of a gay couple, later found to be an image where one half of the couple is holding a mould of a pregnant belly and breasts).

Today, Carl Katter - Bob's half brother, although the two do not speak anymore - released this ad in response to Bob's, highlighting just how damaging Bob's ad is, particularly to a young gay person :

Here are a selection of interviews with Carl over the past few days:

What are your thoughts? Has Bob Katter gone too far (the answer to that should be 'yes'...)?

And what do you think of Carl's message, particularly directed to the young gay community?

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