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Wednesday 7 March 2012

Kirk Cameron: 'Homosexuality is unnatural'

Kirk Cameron was born in the 1970s... and it looks like his views on gay matters are stuck there. Perhaps even decades (okay, centuries) before that.

He appeared on the 'Piers Morgan Tonight' show and was asked by Piers what his opinions were on gay marriage.

Now, feel free to disagree on whether gay couples should marry (I believe they should), but calling homosexuality... 'unnatural'?

Wow, Kirk. Seriously?

Looks like filming 'Growing Pains' years ago tampered with your head.




  1. He's entitled to his opinion whether you agree with it or not.

    He's not the first to think this, and will not be the last.

  2. He didn´t say anything very bad. He said his view about the act of homosexuality but didn´t say that homosexual people are bad. He has a right to his opinion