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Thursday 8 March 2012

Casella family: Family Confidential, on ABC1

Don't miss the last of the episodes for this series of Family Confidential, on ABC1.

The Casella wine making family is profiled - the successful Italian family behind the Yellowtail wine brand - and it promises nostalgia, incredible archival footage, and a feelgood Italian immigrant success story.

It also shows the area of Griffith, where the famous family is based, speaks of its notoriety over the years, and finally allows the Casella family to set the record straight on the rumours and innuendo that has dogged the clan over the years.

Middle son John Casella told Griffith's Area News:

“It’s an opportunity for the history to be presented to people because of the high-profile nature of the family.

“There is a lot of curiosity out there and it’s worth getting it out there so people get to see the whole story.”

I know that I speak for myself and many second generation Italo-Australians when I say that seeing old footage of the early days of Italians assimilating into Australia, and trying to make a living is both heartwarming and pulls at the heartstrings.

Family Confidential screens tonight at 8pm, on ABC1.

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