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Wednesday 7 March 2012

Yumi-gate goes berserk. Things Bogans Like has the answers.

This could be the best post from the team at 'Things Bogans Like.'

It speaks of the 'outrage' and 'furore' that has developed since Yumi-gate.

You know, the spiral of angry 'spew' that has come from the mouths of 'everyday Australians' and found its way onto every relevant Facebook page (even the non-relevant; and if there wasn't one, a hate page was created just to accommodate even more hatred).

Read this:

That last line could be the most fantastic line I have read in weeks:

"Do not show this entry to a bogan. It will trigger gategate, gategategate, gategategategate, and so on, a feedback loop that will exponentially gain enough idiotic mass to suck the universe into itself."

Now, I will freely admit I was as gobsmacked at Yumi's words and tone and Negus's words that day on The Circle.

But to wish them - and especially Yumi, it seems - such ill, directing death threats towards her and her children: appalling.

On my own site, some comments were full of rage. So much so, I posted a message to ask people to tone it down:

In the past week I have read the vitriol that has come from the mouths of seemingly nice looking people (well, their Facebook photos all looked so lovely and cheery and happy, some even holding their babies) - it has been extraordinary.

Jibes at Yumi's appearance, promiscuity, ethnicity... and again, death threats.

Are we really, truly that angry?

That pissed with the world that one [admittedly terrible] error of judgment means you are sentenced to a lifetime of hateful words.

Channel Ten too is concerned, today saying:

"Yumi remains a valued member of The Circle team and we are all focused on moving forward," a Ten spokesman said.

"We are concerned about the extreme nature of some of those comments and are monitoring them closely."

So far, seven sponsors have quit or are reviewing their involvement with the show: Mirvac Hotels & Resorts has joined Swisse Vitamins (the first to pull out), coffee company Jamaica Blue, garden fittings company Hoselink, and Big 4 Holiday Parks have all cancelled advertising.

What do you think about the story that just won't go away *(until something new to be outraged about replaces it)?


  1. It needs to go away like Yumi needs to go away.

    This isn't the first stupid, idiotic, insensitvie, vile thing she has said. She once said something rather derogatory about Hazel Philips' mother that shocked even MY mother.

    Yumi clearly does not think about what she says before she says it and that is one reason for her to NOT be on morning tv. It took her a whole day of backlash before she apologised, and if the outrage had not have happened, she wouldn't have apologised anyway.

    If she was really truly sorry, she would have said I'm sorry the moment it came out of her mouth, but she didn't because she thinks she's hilariously funny with everything she says.

    She's not!

    She needs to go away.

  2. Jewel she is wrong for saying those things, but the threats against her and her family? That is wrong.