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Monday 5 March 2012

Peter and Gary - 'We're Not Nasty People': Who magazine, March 12 2012

My fave article in this week's edition of Who magazine?

Not the Oscars coverage - although I will admit to poring over every detail of each dress, and always love Who's backstage pics.

No, the story I was most excited to read was about Channel 7 hit show 'My Kitchen Rules' couple Peter and Gary.

With the headline stating 'We Are Not Nasty People' (I coulda told you that... I saw right through that classic reality show editing from the get-go) we learn more about the couple who have been together since 1990 (sheesh, that was my first year at uni... eons ago! Twenty two years, in fact).

Almost unrecognisable in their old photo, taken in their early days as a couple, I loved reading that they wore commitment bands on their ring fingers nine months into their relationship.

And watching the show, I love seeing their easy banter and jibes... and equally adore watching them lose at each other. Which couple doesn't do this?

Love is love, and that is that.

The special Oscars edition of Who magazine is on sale now, until Thursday.

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