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Friday 26 July 2013

Project 90: My Fit n Fast Journey - Report Two

And so, after a challenging two weeks - in every possible way - it's fulfilling to give a rundown on my progress in the past fortnight on the Fit n Fast 'Project 90' program. (Here is part one, which gives an intro to my journey).

Let's get to the good stuff: 3.6kg lost to date. Super proud... and now that I am on a roll, it's surprisingly easy. I've heard many times it takes three weeks to form a habit and three weeks to break one. And this new habit - well, it was not harmful at all! Instead, this habit is good for me, easy to adopt, and the benefits were seen and felt thisquick.

Not that I didn't have some hurdles along the way - infact, puhlenty - but that is exactly what has derailed me each and every time in the past. My life's extreme challenges have managed to send me into a spin.. ensuring I fail repeatedly.

Think about this in your own life: you start to eat better get moving and suddenly you are so motivated and have the best intentions possible. Then life happens. Your new gym program becomes hard to stick to when you're feeling low, you grab anything for a quick feed. Suddenly, you're back to square one. Comfort eating, eating the wrong foods, portion size blowout.

This has theatened to happen in the past week, as I complete week three and head into week four. A stint away for a few days means unfamiliar surrounds, away from my familiar gym, and away from my food-to-go in the fridge, pantry and fruit bowl.

But I did good. Kilometres of walking, eating right, and watching portion control, and probably most importantly, enjoying a brain break. This renewed mental clarity cleared the way for me to be even more focused.

My weekly nutritional catch up phone calls with Matt O'Neill from Metabolic Jumpstart continue to be inspirational and give me much guidance. Matt is brilliant at keeping me motivated and clear and on track. He gives me tips, recipe ideas, asks what has stumbled me, and gives me instant solutions (ditch the protein bars post-workout, for example and have half a tub of Chobani yoghurt instead).

Matt wanted me to focus on several aspects in the past few weeks: go that extra mile at the gym; really take note of what I am eating and its timing; notice when I am feeling hungry and push through it by waiting that little bit longer (and not follow the old pattern by grabbing whatever is on hand). And take note of my appetite by consulting the 'appetite gauge' mini chart Matt has sent me at the beginning of the program.

Missions all accomplished. I went harder and longer and loved it.

My trainer Hayley left me with some exercises to do while she was on a pre-planned break and I followed suit. In the past fortnight Hayley has mixed it up lots by introducing me to a personalised workout circuit. I made aquaintance with the Stairmaster (oh my gosh! Hard work but strangely addictive!), and the bike, as well as range of weight machines to help me whittle my lower body and upper body.

My daily breakfast regime becomes easier: a range of ideas for my breakfast (more on options in a future post) and six fish oil capsules daily and a multivitamin - I take The Good Vitamin brand and I love that it's premium quality, affordable, and Aussie-owned.

I develop an aversion to junk food and even chocolate makes me feel a little sickly.

There is so much to report, and while I expect my weight loss my slow down a tad (which is all very 'normal', I am told by Matt) my muscles will really start to take shape. While I know they won't be Popeye-like (thankfully!), my body is already becoming noticably firmer now that the excess fat is being shed to make way for them.

So, I'll see you back here in two weeks! Tell me about your journey so far... are you getting fitter and leaner for winter, too?

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