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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Project 90: My Fit n Fast Journey Starts Here

Taking the reins of my life in every way has been a constant battle - and especially so in the past five years.

When you're a mum, sure... your life tends to take a back seat. It comes with the job title of 'Mummy': it's all about selflessness.

Selflessness = letting your own agenda fall by the wayside, and this has been a hallmark of my life for the past several years. My agenda did include looking after myself, enjoying my life, taking more time out for me, eating well, and fitting in some exercise but... these basics suddenly become luxuries when you are caring for those more vulnerable than you.

In my case, it was caring for my young twins when I had no additional help on hand. No mum, in laws, nannies, or family. Just my husband and I.

This made us into the formidable team we are today. Unbreakable, resilient, steadfast in our goals.

However, even the strongest can crumble... especially as my role as carer for my mother has increased greatly in recent years.

The result?

An unhealthy attitude to life in every way, including eating the wrong foods and not caring much for physical activity. And even Elle Woods ('Legally Blonde') understands this is wrong-ville - she so wisely said: "Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy!"

And so... my way of living was a recipe for depression, as well as weight gain, and enabling a destructive sense of un-wellbeing in every way.

It does not take a genius to realise this leads to being the wrong size for your body shape, having an untoned body, and a cultivating a generally bad way of approaching life.

So. When I found out about an opportunity to road test a soon-to-be-released program run by the Fit n Fast gym network called 'Project 90', I volunteered.

Now, I am very much a say-yes-first, worry-about-what-it entails-later kinda gal, so while I knew the basics of what was required of me, I just wanted to jump in head first. I knew this was to be a catalyst for an entire life change.

And that's what I did.

And so, brand new trackies were purchased, and the obligatory 'before' shots were taken (ugh! That's okay... MORE motivation to succeed!) and I met with the Project 90 support team: the head of Personal Training and the Marketing Manager at Fit n Fast (the brains behind Project 90) and... my very own personal trainer Hayley.

I transitioned quickly: the person spearheading the nutritional side of the campaign was Matt O'Neill - one of Australia's top nutritionists, and a regular on Channel 7's 'Sunrise' and 'Morning Show' and the creator of the 'MetabolicJumpstart' program. He was the man taking the reins of the eating side of things, which is of course a huge part of weight loss and feeling and looking better.

And in the past few weeks... success!

Thanks to an easy to follow eating plan which aims for 5000 kilojoules consumed each day, and filled with lots of good stuff (proteins AND carbs, starches, fruits, and veg) and personal training sessions at my local Fit n Fast with Hayley two days a week (the other three required days of gym sessions are done solo, but Hayley is always on hand to give me directions or a motivational boost), I have already lost two kilos.

It may not sound like much, but I always think of it this way: that's, say, the equivalent of a two kilo bag of potatoes now NOT hanging off my body.

As a consequence, I am already striding up stairs quicker and without pausing for breath, my pants are looser, my twinnie-baby-belly has diminished significantly, and I am feeling happier and more confident.

I am on my way to 'something'... and my body and mind know it, and are cheering me all the way.

My weekly phone calls with Matt O'Neill each Monday are a HUGE source of inspiration, as he gives me clear, easy to follow goals to follow (this week, i's all about rating my effort during exercise, pushing through the exercise barrier and going that extra step, and fine tuning my diet and exercise regime so I can maximise results).

Here I am on the very first day of my new life, which started on July 1:

The look on my face says it all - happiness, anticipation, and excitement for what lays ahead. And a good dose dose of nervous energy.

I hope you can be inspired as you follow me on my journey, which is about so much more than centimetres and weight loss (although, yes, these are the measurables by which I will be defining my success). Within 90 days I will be unveiling a whole new me.

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