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Monday 18 September 2017

Samuel Johnson: 'The Project' Connie Johnson Tribute VIDEOS

Samuel Johnson.

What does one even say when it comes your love for your late sister, Connie Johnson?

He redefines love, I say.

We all know how much Sammy loves Connie.

But since her death 10 days ago, and fresh off the back of Connie's funeral today, well... it's another level.

Samuel essentially declared himself 'Head of Cancer Vanquishment'.

See his full interview here, in the two clips below:

And here is Sam's new pledge. Get your socks, people:

On a personal note, I love the way Samuel spoke.

On a 'high' after celebrating his sister at her funeral, this man vowed to amp it up ten millions notches, and he WILL. I also saw a raw vulnerability and such beauty in his melancholy and sadness, and his pain and commitment.

On a vastly different level, but understating the pain when you WANT so bad to honour your just passed loved one, I relate to his pain, and applaud his love and dedication to his sister.

Bless him and his nephew and brother in law.

RIP Connie.

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