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Wednesday 15 November 2017

Same Sex Marriage: YES! ABS announces results

It's a YES!

The same sex marriage vote result is in... and it's a YES!

At 10am AEST in a room in Belconnen in the ACT, the Australian Bureau of Statistics handed down the vote, the result Australian postal vote survey.

Here is a breakdown of the result:

12,727,920 Voters
7,817,247 / 61.6% Yes
4,873,987 / 38.4% No
36,686 / 0.2% Unclear

BUT... that doesn't mean the law will automatically change.

The voluntary postal survey – which was always a plan B to the compulsory plebiscite – is not a binding mechanism with the effect of altering the Marriage Act.

Having deferred the decision to the Australian public, politicians will now need to act on that verdict by facilitating, amending and passing a bill.

The Turnbull government is determined to push it through before Christmas.

With only two parliamentary sitting weeks remain for the year, from Monday November 27 to Thursday December 7,  MPs will have to agree on how to legalise same-sex marriage in that time.

And now the work begins...

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