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Wednesday 6 April 2011

Bridalplasty: interview with Shanna Moakler

You ask your girlfriend to marry you, and as she walks up the aisle, she looks... different.

That's the premise of the new E! channel TV show Bridalplasty, currently creating some waves.
The show features 12 brides-to-be in a competition to win the perfect dream wedding - and their ideal of a 'dream' body to go along with it.

Host Shanna Moakler (her and now ex-husband Travis Barker - from rock band Blink-182 - starred with their family in their own reality show Meet The Barkers) leads a group of engaged women who are seeking complete body transformations before their 'big day' through a series of wedding-themed comps.

This way, they 'earn' their dream wedding and score plastic surgery procedures from one of Hollywood's most sought-after plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow. Each contestant has a wish list of plastic surgery jobs she'd like get ticked off - crooked noses, bad teeth, flat chests, thin lips and muffin tops - and each 'challenge winner' gets a procedure off her wish list.

The last bride standing receives every treatment she wants. And her new 'look' will be unveiled to friends, family and, (hopefully not horrified) fiancé for the first time at the altar on her wedding day.

Wowser! What a concept... so I asked host Shanna all about the TV show, for Josie's Juice.

Congratulations on the new hosting role! How did you feel when you were offered this new gig? Thank you! I was very excited, I love E! and I love their programming on top of hosting so I thought it would be really fun. And it was! I always love a little controversy too.

How do you feel about the women on the show? Have you gotten to know them? I love the women! And yes, I got to know them very well. Some of them I got very attached to but in the end I think the right woman won and I know everyone was happy.

Are they in a good place? Is it simply about "body betterment"? I think they are in a good place, I don't think any of them of have unrealistic expectations. All of the women were there for different reasons, wants, and desires. For example, Cheyenne was bit in the face by a dog, one contestant lost 100 pounds on the Biggest Loser and had excess skin, and some women just wanted the wedding. So each girl's journey was very personal.

Have you had some backlash about the concept of the show? Ha, yes! And I understand, surgery is not for everyone but this show is not about telling women they're not good enough, it's more a way to shine a light on what women are doing all the time before big events and sadly some women can't afford to make the changes they've wanted to make their entire lives. What is right for you is very different for someone else. I know all the women who had procedures walked away very, very happy.

You were one of the pioneers of reality TV with "Meet The Barkers." How has this genre of TV changed since you were first onscreen? Wow! Well besides competitive reality, I find a lot of the docu-style shows are more scripted, where "Meet The Barkers" was not. That was really our crazy love and our crazy lives... Reality TV has had many highs with shows such as "The Biggest Loser", "Survivor", and many lows such as "Whose your Daddy" etc. People are always pushing the limits of reality TV so I don't know how we could really be shocked by anything they put on our TV. I think people need to remember TV is entertainment. There is nothing real about reality TV today.

What do you hope viewers take away from this show? I hope viewers just have fun with it, I hope they see the harsh realities of surgery if they are considering it, but I also hope they see some of the great things we can do with plastic surgery today as well as some really interesting points couples should consider before getting married. I know the ending will put a smile on everyone's face!

The interesting, business-end of the show is screening right now - tune in tonight and every Wednesday for the next few weeks on the Style channel, on Foxtel. The finale show will screen on May 4.

The brides-to-be are: • Netty, 23, who considers herself to be a spoiled brat. • Alexandra, 21, a former contestant on "The Biggest Loser" where she also met her fiancé. • Allyson, 32, who was recently laid off at the same time as her fiancé. • Ashley, 25, who would like to change the fact that she looks like her father. • Cheyenne, 21, a small town Mummy's girl who is struggling with running a household on her own. • Dominique, 24, who resents her parents for spending all their money on her sister's wedding and not saving any for hers. • Jaimie, 23, who wants to re-marry her husband after they rushed their first time to the altar so her mother, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, could attend. • Jenessa, 27, who gave her fiancé a timeline and ultimatum for the marriage proposal. • Jessica, 30, who's dream is to get her breasts reconstructed before getting into a wedding dress. • Kristen, 21, who is the daughter of a former Miss California, who competed in pageants herself and was crowned Miss Anaheim 2005. • Lisa Marie, 29, who wants every type of plastic surgery possible done before her wedding. • Melissa, 20, who met her husband in the ROTC club and had a quickie wedding before he was called to duty in the Middle East where he has been stationed.

The series is produced by the team behind some of cable TV's biggest franchises, including "The Surreal Life," "My Fair Brady," "Flavor of Love" and "Rock of Love." Executive producers include E!'s Giuliana Rancic.

Bridalplasty screens every Wednesday at 7.30pm on Style, on Foxtel and Austar.

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