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Tuesday 5 April 2011

After Lately: Chelsea Lately's show after the show

At first, I thought, just how much funny material can Chelsea Lately produce?

Can the much-adored Chelsea and her team really pull off a show about the planning of their show?

Turns out they can.

Granted, you need to be a fan of Ms Handler and her partucular brand of humour to appreciate more of the same vulgar madness... guilty as charged.

It's the E! channel's first-ever "mocku-series" called After Lately, on every Tuesday for the next few weeks at 11pm on E!

The cast of 'characters' include her trusty mini sidekick Chuy Bravo; the sarcastic Sarah Colonna; red-headed Brad Wollack; 'playboy' comedian Chris Franjola; the 'media whore' Heather McDonald; the awkward Jeff Wild; the skinny hipster Johnny Kansas; bagel-loving Steve Marmalstein; and Chelsea’s older live-in brother, Roy.

In addition to the regular cast above, After Lately will also feature Handler’s big-time celebrity friends (Reese Witherspoon played a superb part as herself last week), and other popular roundtable mainstays and additional staff members... probably coerced.

After Lately is co-executive produced by Chelsea Handler, with Brad Wollack serving as a co-executive producer.

After Lately screens every Tuesday for the next few weeks on at 11pm on E! available on Foxtel and Austar.

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