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Thursday 7 April 2011

My Super Single Mum: Bronny Fallens interview

So, parenting... a hot button topic right now.

How hard it all is, who is doing it right/wrong? What constitutes a 'good parent'?

My biggest gripe is when we don't support the sisterhood. My biggest yardstick to who is doing it the toughest (it's not a comp, I know that... I'm just sayin') is to always, always spare a thought for my single mother sisters.

Regular readers of Josie's Juice will now how grateful I am for my husband's support during our crazy, twin-rearing journey. Doing it solo... well, I take my hat off to these wonderful, amazing, resilient women.

Many of my good pals are single mothers. ALL of them are doing a stellar job. So, when this book came across the Josie's Juice desk, I jumped at the chance to feature it. It's an illustrated book on single parenting. It's written by Melbourne author Bronny Fallens, and is called "My Super Single Mum" (which, I am told, will be followed by "My Two Dads" and "My Groovy Gran" - I am already loving the next two books based on titles only!)

So I asked Bronny, newly single mother to one daughter, to talk about the book in her own words.

What prompted you to write this book? As a newly single mum I went looking for books to read to my daughter, I couldn't find anything that communicated the message that it's quite okay to be from a single parent family. There were books but they didn't feel fun or light to me and so I decided to write my own. I'm a writer anyway, and it felt like a lovely, natural progression to write a children's book for my daughter.

Who do you hope will read this book? Whilst I wrote the book for children of single parents I also hoped that all parents would read the book to their children to show other family situations and explain to their children that it's okay. I'd be hoping the book would be read in libraries, in schools as well as in the family home.

What do you hope readers will get from it? Hopefully the children of single parent families will relate to the story and think 'that's me' or 'that's my mum'. I'd like the children of two parent families to relate the story to someone they know or simply come away with the message that it's okay to have just one parent and that those families are full of love and fun.

You can buy this book from www.bronnyandmuntsa.com in either hard copy ($15) or eBook format ($5). The book, distributed by Scribo, will be available in bookstores nationally for Mother's Day.


  1. This book sounds like a really good idea - and you're right, the next two titles sound like they could also be a big hit. Thanks for sharing - I'll definitely go and get a copy of it - it might come in handy!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment... yes, I think this book will come in handy for many. What a great idea, esp for young kids...