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Sunday 3 April 2011

Paula Taylor: Marie Claire Thailand. Styled by... er

I am usually rhapsodising all over the place about magazine covers.

But this one?

How do I say this delicately...

It's just... wrong.

It has nothing to do with that beautiful pregnant belly (I love that stage of pregnancy - still a smallish bump, bigger than just looking 'fat' under your clothes, not too large to be feeling cumbersome just yet, and not at that stage when nothing fits anymore).

No, it's about the styling. I am no expert, but that too-close-but-not-far-enough to the skintone top (with creases in all the wrong places); those mumsy-but-trying-to-be-sexy pants (are they maternity undies? Pregnancy hotpants? I am confused). And that backwards pendant thing?

As I said, I am no stylist, but have worked in mags long enough to have a good eye on what works, what looks amazing, and what seems to try-hard.

This seems to fall in that last category.

Sorry, Marie Claire Thailand. And apologies to you, stunning English-Thai [actress, model and presenter] Paula Taylor (factoid: Paula was Thailand-born, but moved to Australia with her parents as a baby, first to Perth, Western Australia then to Brisbane, Queensland).

Paula would've looked far more stunning in a classier get-up, while still showing off her gorgeous baby bump. That's all I'm sayin'...

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