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Saturday 9 April 2011

Eva Longoria, Piers Morgan, and divorce and cheating

So, I just watched this clip of Eva Longoria talking about her marriage breakdown:

What struck me is the sentiment UK interviewer Piers Morgan expressed... how could anyone cheat on her.

He says in the clip: "People watching this... Like I, having met you... incredulous that this could happen. That any guy would even think or contemplate of... doing anything to damage a marriage to someone like you. What more could a guy want, frankly?"

I certainly feel the same - and yet it's a little offensive.

Like women who aren't as attractive, who don't spend every waking moment maintaining their looks for a living as Eva clearly does, deserve to be cheated on any more than Eva because, y'know, she's a hottie and all.

I know, I know... the popular premise on why people cheat is that their spouse has let themselves go, is looking kinda sloppy, and therefore eyes wander. But that's not always the case.

I have researched a (yet to be published) story on cheating, and why men and women cheat, even going on some undercover surveillance jobs. The man behind the private investigator firm was adamant that in most cases he investigates, it is opportunity that creates the landscape for someone to cheat.

So, he adds, lots of time away from each other, meeting interesting people at work away from the daily drudgery, and a willingness from both of the people doing the cheating to take things further creates an environment ripe for straying.

In Eva Longoria's case, it has been documented that her sportstar ex-husband Tony Parker indulged his penchant for s-exting... with his team-mate's wife. That was a deal-breaker for Eva.

Yet, in the TV interview with Piers, she says simply: "We wanted different things. He's not a bad person. He just wanted... something else. And I don't hate him for it."

What are your thoughts on cheating? What constitutes cheating? And would you / have you forgiven someone for cheating? Or have you taken them back? And do you think Piers's theory on 'how could someone cheat on Eva' holds any weight?

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