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Friday 1 April 2011

Prince William won't wear his wedding ring after he weds Kate... discuss.

Prince William will not be wearing his wedding ring after he marries Kate Middleton later this month Palace officials have revealed... and I will admit this kind of bothers me.

I love a man who wears his wedding ring. I love that my husband wears his wedding ring. I love that he loves wearing his wedding ring.

It's totally his choice, always has been, but I did tell him right from the start that I liked it. (And I would do the same). And he's never taken it off. Never intended to, he tells me. I really adore that.

It's absolutely everyone's personal choice, but I kinda think, if you're married, and you don't like wearing it... well, why?

I am not suggesting if you don't wear your ring you're up to something sneaky. Or cruising to pick up on a Saturday night. For some men, they've said it gets in the way of their daily work. For others still - men and women - they say it's because their weight has flactuated since they married and it doesn't fit anymore (and they couldn't be bothered getting it re-sized).

We have a running joke in my house with an old friend of mine. She's been married for years but stopped wearing her ring ages ago - my mum always asks her where it is, and my buddy teases her saying she doesn't wear it because she intends to hook up with another man behind her husband's back. My mum has a chuckle, but I know it bothers her a bit. This coming from a woman who lost my beloved dad over 25 years ago - and still faithfully wears her wedding band every single day. Has never taken it off, in fact.

Not surprising then that I love wearing my wedding and engagement rings every day. I only slip them off when I get home for practicality's sake. For me, yes, it is a symbol that I am somebody's wife. Call me old-fashioned, but I like that - a lot.

Remember that scene between Carrie and Aidan in the Sex & The City series?

When long-suffering Aidan, affianced to Carrie (post Big-cheat) questions why she's doesn't want to marry him right now, the truth comes out...

Says Aidan: "Carrie, I want the whole wide world to know that you're mine." To which she replies: "Who else's would I be?" Until she has that sinking realisation that this is more than about just the ring or that piece of paper: "You still don't trust me!"

To which Aidan replies: "You don't even wear that ring on your fucking finger."

As I said I am big fan - huge - of wearing the only piece of jewellery that you as a couple exchanged, with a promise, at the same time in a church, or on a beach, or at the registry office, or in Vegas, or as a same-sex couple at a commitment ceremony.

What do you think about not wearing a wedding ring?


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  2. From my oppinion, newlyweds must wearing wedding ring. (sorry for my language...)

  3. My fiance has already made it clear he will only be wearing his wedding ring on 'special occasions' as with the excuse that it will get in the way of his work (the same excuse his father gives his mother!).

    It upsets me that he doesn't want to wear it, but I don't know of anything I can do that will change his mind.
    I will wear my ring always.

    Aside from the fact that people often look out for if someone is wearing a ring to know if they are taken or not, the wedding band is just such a beautiful symbol to me that I think it is the right thing to do to wear it.
    I guess I'm old fashioned too!