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Friday 25 November 2011

Get Up! The latest campaign for marriage equality

So, this clip teared me up.

(Gah, "everything tears you up," you say!)

Well that is true.

First, watch:

The reason this moved me is because it resonates with my whole credo of: equality for everyone.

Why shouldn't this couple be allowed to get married?

I've heard the arguments about 'ruining the sanctity of marriage' and frankly, to that I just yell "lalalalala, I'm not listening!" and cover my ears. Immature, I know... but I don't get why this cannot be granted.

Because you see, that 'sanctity' has long been eroded anyway. Many, many heterosexuals don't respect the institution. That's not to say that all hetero married couples don't respect their married status. Of course that's not what I mean.

So, why are we saying to same sex couples, no, sorry, WE don't allow you to do what your heart desires. That is, to formalise their happy, secure, loving relationship with all that comes from a union that isn't just a piece of paper.


Hey, feel free to disagree or agree!

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