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Monday 21 November 2011

Matthew Newton - A Current Affair interview with Tracy Grimshaw

Did you see the Matthew Newton interview with Tracy Grimshaw, on A Current Affair tonight?

Here is part one of the interview:

The other three parts can be viewed here:

What did you think?

What do you think was the reasoning behind the interview?

PR spin? A cry for help? An example of someone who is taking positive, baby steps on the road to recovery?



  1. I watched the interview and it was clear he is still one very sick narcissistic puppy. He had absolutely no remorse for what he did to those two women let alone the hotels he trashed. You could see him lapping up the limelight like some spoilt brat. Full of self righteous babble when the hard questions were asked (like that wasn't rehearsed!!!).
    How dare he talk about all the injuries he inflicted on himself and refuse to even acknowledge what he did to those two women. It's all about ME!!!
    I thought the first steps in recovery were to admit what you did and apologize, not go on national TV and justify your actions. Disgraceful!
    Not buying a second of it ....it was a well orchestrated move to get the public prepared for his return.
    Mental illness is a terrible and serious disease. It was very clear Matthew Newton should not have done the interview.

  2. Hey there, thanks for your comment. Yes, it's a curious interview, this one. I watched it again and whilst he says some powerful statements about it being wrong to hit women, he seemed to lack remorse, and he certainly dodged the opportunity to apologise to the women he hurt.

    One thing is certain: it has polarised opinion. Another thing is crystal clear: mental illness is a serious issue.