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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Entourage - The Final Season: starts tonight

It’s time to hug it out.

One last time.

Hollywood’s biggest and most loved players return tonight for the last season in a series which has spawned not only various unique phrases ("Boom!", "Lloyd!", "Let's hug it out, bitch"), it has introduced us to the characters of Ari Gold, Johnny Drama, E aka Eric, Turtle, and of course Vince, played by the handsomeness that is Adrian Grenier.

Screening tonight - Tuesday, November 8 at 9.30pm, exclusive to Arena on Foxtel and Austar - it resumes with what happens after an attempted intervention on Vince to tackle his excessive boozing and drug use.

With Vince now sober again after a stint in rehab he is ready to take on his next big movie project.

The inimitable Ari Gold (played by Jeremy Piven and hands-down my fave) and his long-suffering wife have recently separated.

Adding fuel to his ire is the news that Mrs Gold is now dating celebrity chef, Bobby Flay - and Ari hooks up with an old flame as revenge. You can imagine the fireworks.

Eric and on-off girlfriend Sloane (girl crush alert on Emmanuelle Chriqui) have called off their wedding and Eric is running his own management company.

Johnny Drama is finally working, with an animated TV series Johnny’s Bananas and Turtle has invested in the Avion tequila line and is starting a new business venture.

With series regulars Rex Lee as Lloyd (Ari’s former assistant, who is now an agent), Perrey Reeves as Mrs Gold, and Rhys Coiro as the erratic film director Billy Walsh, and Adrian, Jeremy, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara (how cute is he post weight-loss?), the final series also features guest spots from celeb chef Bobby Flay playing himself, uber-stylist Rachel Zoe ("shut the front door!"), baseball player Alex Rodriguez, actor Christian Slater and funnyman David Spade every ep will be unmissable.

Premiering in 2004, Entourage became an instant hit and has gone on to receive nominations for 25 Primetime Emmy Awards, 14 Golden Globe Awards and six Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Tempted yet?

Watch this season 8 preview:

And watch this [not suitable for kiddies] clip from season 6 featuring Bob Saget (yep, from TV's 'Full House'), E, and one of the absolute stars of the show, Scott (son of James) Caan.

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