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Friday 4 November 2011

Kim Kardashian - 'Mistake or Fake': Who magazine, November 14 2011

C'mon, people.

As if the weekly mags are going to relent on the whole Kardashian circus now. It's at its peak (though, my prediction: big wane on the way).

True to form, my fave weekly mag has come up trumps with a massive six page spread on Kim K and her now ex-husband.

I can't recall a time that someone has polarised opinion to such an extent.

There are the extreme haters ("What has she done?"; "Why is she news?"; and the hilarious, nonchalant, oft-repeated comment on many an Australian news site: "Um, who? Never heard of her!" Yeah, right.)

And there are the extreme aficionados. (Overnight campers. Screamers. Criers.)

I will admit to tiring of hearing about Queen K and her shenanigans (I went to the Sydney party at Hugo's... I should know.) But she's still so darn intriguing.

Also, in this week's issue:

My fave story of the issue (yes, trumping KK) is one on Jamie Foxx's sister who is living a life beautifully with Down syndrome. Hugely inspiring, moving piece.

Another fave is the pictorial spread on photog Ken Regan's rock 'n' roll snaps.

Add a swimwear special, the best beauty and fashion pages around, and a celeb Halloween dress-up special and you are good to go.

The new issue of Who magazine is onsale now.

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