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Wednesday 19 September 2012

Jennifer Aniston, Smartwater, triplets, secret children... and wigs

Smartwater and Jennifer Aniston - this partnership always produces advertising gems. Watch the just-released new one:

Here is the 'EXCLUSIVE, "stolen" security camera footage from Jennifer Aniston's house - introduced by gossip hound Ryan Seacrest - revealing that all the rumours [the babies, the work out routine, all of it]... are all as... ridiculous as you thought. 

Say Smartwater: "Come on people, it's pure fiction (from Smartwater, the makers of real hydration)".

Loved it? Watch Jennifer's first TV ad, where she kicks Brad Wollack ['Chelsea Lately' regular] in the nuts:


And read my impromptu interview with Brad Wollack about how the ad - and the kick - came about:



  1. Wow Smartwater really do make great ads!

  2. Very cheeky ads, and very much tapping into "tabloid-Jennifer"...