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Thursday 6 September 2012

'Kath & Kimderella' biographies

So, how much do you REALLY know about Kath and Kim and poor ol' Bretty, and Kel, Sharon, Prue and Trude... and even little Epponnnee Rae?

Oh, there's so much to learn about these funsters, now on the big screen with their just-released [today!] flick 'Kath & Kimderella' [see: http://josiesjuice.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/kath-kimderella-film-review.html]

Here are the cast biographies:


Kathleen Darlene Day-Knight

D.O.B: you know your bees wax why don’t you mind it

Zodiac Sign: Leo (hence the mane .. my clowning glory)

Marital status: married and loving it

Education: 34 Adult education diplomas... recently completed “Brain Power’ and “Drop Box”

My Day on a Plate:

Breaky: 2 prunes and a Yakult

Mid Morning: a chino with a friand at Croutons-on-the Bay

Lunch: chicken feet (fat removed) with a decanted hoisin dipping sauce

Arvo tea: mug of Jarrah

Kel’s cod on the hots rocks (yum) with a Donna Hay quinoa

Favourite 'a-ha moment': emptying my mind a la the Dalai Llama

Who am I wearing? Fella Hamilton’s citrus story

Current Celeb Crush: Keith Urban (he loves curly hair)


Kim Craig–knee–Day

Age: 25 (but I don’t look my age)

Marital Status: up in the air

Fountain Lakes: Year 10 Fountain Lakes High - (incomplete); Cake Decorating Course (incomplete); Nail Design Course (incomplete)

Work history: 6 months at Call Centre (left because of stress... theirs); two weeks as a Door Bitch at the Tulip Farm (took a package, literally)

Current employment: trophy wife

Who do you admire? Lara Bingle... like me she makes a little go a long way

Philosophy: it is all about me


Sharon Karen Strezlecki

Marital Status: Desperate and Dateless

Job: Part time, Night shift at the Repat.

Full time: Kim’s second best friend

Hobbies: River dancing, stalking, and eating my feelings

Medical History: Septic monkey bite (Bali 2001), Carbuncles, pash rash, Munchausen by proxy (under control at the moment with broad spectrum placebo)

Sports: Netball, Indoor Cricket... current position... choker.

Greatest moment: touching Shane Warne’s Baggy Green



AGE: Wrong side of 50

Zodiac sign... Virgo (OCD)

Marital Status: left at the altar four times... now married to the foxiest thing since sliced bread

Occupation: Purveyor of Fine Meats

Achievements; Regional Sausage King ( Pork and dill 2006) Fountain Lakes Retailer of the Year (2008)

Goal: to win Masterchef and create my own Marion’s Box

Favourite author: Bryce Courtenay..

What am I wearing? Fletcher Jeans, a Roger David knit and Vintage Crocs

Favourite accessory: my distressed pleather man bag


Brett Craig

Marital Status: not sure today / will ask Kim when I get home

Occupation: Head of Sprinkles at Krispy Kreme

BFF: Cujo... my rotty

Goals: Not getting up Kim’s goat

Best achievement: being a dad to a gifted daughter Epponnnee Ray

Favourite Labels; Rivers, Yugo Boss, Gazman


Full Name: Epponnnee Rae (spelt with a E, double P, O, triple NN, E. (dash, umlaut, close italics) Rae

DOB 5/ 6/ 2007

Education: Pre-prep( accelerated program) Eatin’ College ( Fountain Lakes)

Achievements: Runner Up “ Glitz”, Third Place “Wow” wear, (Little Miss Princess Pageant)

Top Ten Junior Masterchef (best soggy nachos)

Solo exhibition Bon Beach Shire Regional Gallery ( Installation)

Goals: model/actress


Full name Trudy Hancock

Born : With silver spoon in her mouth

Education: Timbertop, 1974

Marital Status: Doctor's wife. Married to Graham, Melbourne’s “go to” plastic surgeon.

CHILDREN: Zoƫ (Geelong Grammar, Head of boats) and Harry (hedge burner)

Hobbies: Jillarooing "Love it!!" Member of the Liberal party since 1970

BFFs: Peter Costello (woof) and Michael Kroger... "That’s awkward"!!


Full name: Prudence “Buz” Ballieu

Married: Adrian Psychiatrist (FRAAC,OMG FIGJAM)

Employment: 2 hours a week at Abode (South Yarra)

Current Project: renovating Kooyong Koot Rd (again)

Favourite restaurant: Koots of Kooyong, Spoonful (with the girls)

BBF’s: Stuart Rattle (he loves a throw) and Paul Bangay (he clips my box (hedge))

'Kath & Kimderella' the 'filum' opens in Australia on September 6.

All photos reproduced from Roadshow Films, with permission.

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  1. I've always loved Prue. She reminds me of a relative!