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Sunday 31 August 2014

Amanda Goff, High-Class Escort: 'Sunday Night'


The entire interview from 'Sunday Night' is here:

This morning, the identity of the woman featured in a teaser ad run by  the Channel 7 show 'Sunday Night' was revealed. Amanda Goff, former beauty editor for Prevention magazine and an acting magazine editor for New Idea, as well as beauty writer for InStyle magazine, was revealed as the woman behind these ads, featuring a Sydney media identity who is now leading a double life as an escort, getting paid $800 per one hour session. She works for herself and goes under the name of 'Samantha X'.

I worked alongside Amanda when she was beauty editor at Prevention magazine and I was a sub-editor and editor on a special mini-mag produced for the mag. I recall we had a mutual friend and chatted about that, and exchanged general friendly chit-chat.

Amanda has friends who are friends with me, and who have posted on social media today saying that this news does not ring true with the person they know and love.

And that's the thing: escorts don't often 'look like' what they're 'meant to'.

I discovered this when I researched and wrote a story for Marie Claire Australia on high class hookers at Sydney's Stilettos.

The women I interviewed were breathtakingly beautiful. Stunning, intelligent women who were former business owners or current university students, the latter very adamant they were doing it just to pay uni fees. Many of these women had long standing clients, and most of these clients were married men. Some were young men venturing into sex for the first time with weekly appointments with them, others were uni professors and businessmen who wanted 'a bit on the side' while remaining married to their long-term partners. Their wives knew not a single thing about their double lives. None of the women 'looked' like prostitutes. And I recall asking if any of the women had boyfriends or long term relationships. No… the majority of these women were single, and had tried being in relationships but found that their men were ultimately jealous and the sex workers had to break off these relationships. See some of that magazine story here.

Here is Amanda Goff as call-girl and Amanda Goff as magazine girl:

Amanda is releasing a book called 'Hooked - Secrets of a High-Class Escort'.

The 40 year old is now a mother of two by day and a sex worker by night.

Read more on Amanda's story here and tune in tonight on Channel 7 at 8.30pm, on 'Sunday Night.'

Oh, I also had to include this post, clearly translated by someone with English clearly not their first language. Eek.


'Sunday Night' ran a live Q & A on Facebook with Amanda, AKA Samantha X. They posted this message at around 10.20pm on the night the story screened:

We are ending our live Q&A with Amanda, AKA Samantha X, and thank you all for your questions. She has responded with this message:

Dear all,
Thank you for watching. I just want to say a few things that were edited out on TV...Firstly, only a small percentage of my clients are married. I see men whose wives have died, disabled people, men who havent had sex in 20 years, etc etc..
Also, my job actually involves very little sex sometimes! It's mostly companionship. I hear a lot, I see a lot, and I have compassion for a human being who is lonely, sad, depressed whatever. It is not up to me to judge him if he is married.
Regarding my children. They are very little (under 7). I have been seeing a child psychologist for a year now and speaking to her about what to tell the kids and when, and I can assure you all that they are fine and will be OK.
I appreciate all your comments.
Thank you.

Here is a pic from Samantha's site:

And here is the interview with Samantha X and Kyle & Jackie O on KIIS radio:

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