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Saturday 26 March 2016

Jack After Wisdom Teeth Removal: Viral Video

Don't know why this - 'Jack After Wisdom Teeth Removal' - has just surfaced again on the inter webs (it first hit YouTube is 2013), but here we are, this gem (now at over six million views... 6,140,474 to be exact, at time of this blog post):

As one commenter on another version of this video says:

Ma che cazzo vi danno in america dal dentista! :D

(Translation: What the fuck do dentists give you in America!)

The deets of the uploader, below:

Follow me on: Vine - Jack Barth
Twitter - @JACKBARTH4 
Instagram - @jack.barth

Follow on: Vine - Jack Barth
Twitter - @JACKBARTH4
Instagram - @jack.barth

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