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Sunday 26 June 2016

Kanye West: 'Famous' VIDEO

Kanye West has gone and done it again. Has gone all controversial on us.

His new video 'Famous' has debuted, and features a nude Kanye, Kim, as well as *Taylor Swift, *Ray J (Kim's ex, and he of the famous Kim Kardashian sex tape), *Bill Clinton, *Amber Rose (Kanye's ex), *Donald Trump, and more (*not actually these celebs).

Here is the video, which debuted on Tidal:

In the photo below is (again, not the real people...):

A) George W. Bush, B) Anna Wintour, C) Donald Trump, D) Rihanna, E) Chris Brown, F) Taylor Swift, G) Kanye West, H) Kim Kardashian West, I) Ray J, J) Amber Rose, K) Caitlyn Jenner, L) Bill Cosby

In case you were wondering, this bed set up is a nod to Vincent Desiderio's 'Sleep':

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