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Tuesday 18 October 2016


Ah, you guys... the simple pleasure of having food delivered to your door! Hello, Menulog.

And yet, it should not be deemed a treat, it should be deemed a basic human right, dammit.

I am not much of a buying food kinda gal... my mum taught me how to cook at home well, and I love cooking, when I get a chance.

Thing is, since my husband and I have done a role swap, he does most of the cooking.

But, let's just say, my tastes are vastly different from him. And so, his fare is very basic; think: Maltese and Italian basics like pasta, chicken schnitzel, meatballs, that kind thing.

And so, given the chance to trial a service where I'd get my very FAVE cuisine 


Here is my Indian feast, from my local Indian place Curry Papa: (that's the beaut thing about Menulog - you get to uncover what is in your area you may not have known about, which means you uncover gems AND you support your local community businesses):

Want to know more?

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