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Friday 28 October 2016

Victoria's Secret Paris + Fantasy Bra: Jasmine Tookes PHOTOS + VIDEO

The Victoria's Secret 'Fantasy Bra' is always big news each year ahead of the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - which has just been announced will be staged in Paris for the very first time!

And: who is wearing it is equally important!

This year, that honour goes to: Jasmine Tookes:

See all the clips here. Yes, she's stunning. No, the bra is not for sale, yes of course it'd be uncomfortable and you'd need a bodyguard with you. That's why it's called the FANTASY BRA.


And, the brand is going to great lengths to show Jasmine is JUST like you and me. Well, you kinda have to admire that.

In this article, it says:

Jasmine Tookes will wear the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra during the company’s annual fashion show. Anointed an Angel last year, she’ll be just the third African American woman in the runway extravaganza’s multi-decade history to wear the extravagant lingerie set. “I feel like it’s a milestone for Victoria’s Secret for me to be wearing the bra,” she said. “And I’m glad that I can represent that for them and for all the girls in the world.” Yet, there’s another reason Tookes is one to look up to: her stretch marks.
In photos released by the brand, Tookes is — shockingly enough — seemingly unretouched. While Victoria’s Secret had no comment on whether digital manipulation was involved in the shoot or not, stretch marks are clearly visible on the 25-year-old’s side.
Here is that photo:

Jasmine is not the only one to proudly show off actual real life normal stretch marks. Our fave Robyn Lawley did too:

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