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Monday 12 December 2016

Amy Schumer + Ellen DeGeneres: VIDEO

Amy Schumer was on Ellen Degeneres's show 'Ellen' and this happened...

The Trainwreck star told of the horror date she had with her boyfriend of one-year Ben Hanisch, when they both got food “violent poisoning” - and Ellen positively lost it with laughter.

What happened in their hotel room was far from romantic, and Amy explained to Ellen in vivid detail how the vomiting and diarrhea “manifested itself” in her.

Ellen? Well, she was shaking with laughter, even wiping her eyes as she struggled to contain herself.

Amy told Ellen that she thought her relationship would be over when they went to Paris for a vacation in September.

“I was yelling to him, ‘It was so great dating you, I wish you the best luck, you’re gonna meet a great girl,’” she said of what she was shouting to him from the bathroom. “But I knew, I knew it was over. Who can get through that?”

Watch the video here:

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