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Thursday 1 December 2016

Steve Jacobs: Leaving 'Today' Show VIDEO

Steve Jacobs is leaving the 'Today' show... but not entirely.

The affable, very funny weatherman on Channel 9's breakfast show is stopping the travel all around the place to bring us the weather... well, at least during the week.

Steve, also affectionately known as Stevie, will be still on the show doing his always emotional 'Knock Of Cash', and Weekend Today weather slots.

He made the announcement on the show just now, and, I've gotta say... I cried tears. Such special bonds on the show, and such emotion as he's making the announcement.

The caption:

After 12 amazing years, our weatherman Stevie Jacobs is taking a step back to spend more time with his gorgeous wife and kids! Don't worry, he's not leaving the TODAY family - you'll be able to see him on the weekends and doing his signature Knock of Cash! Enjoy it Stevie, you've earned it!  #9Today

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