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Monday 5 December 2016

Jennifer Aniston, Saturday Night Live: 'Slams' Vanessa Bayer: VIDEO

Jennifer Aniston does an excellent Jennifer Aniston impression... as does Vanessa Bayer.

During the 'SNL Weekend Update', which is on weekly during long running US hit show 'Saturday Night Live', Rachel from 'Friends' made an appearance... as did Jen herself.

Jennifer's intention: to put a stop to Vanessa Bayer’s impression of Rachel Green.
Aniston was not AT ALL pleased with Bayer’s popular, spot-on impression of the 1990s character. After Bayer’s Rachel dropped by ‘Weekend Update’ to explain ’90s nostalgia to co-host Colin Jost, Aniston stopped in to question the impression and Bayer’s apparent Friends obsession.
“Vanessa what are you doing?” Jen asked Vanessa - the two are co-stars in the upcoming movie 'Office Christmas Party'.

“I know that you love Friends, and we had such a great time making our movie together, but you got to really try to stop texting me everyday… Friends was like five million and five years ago, so I think we just got to move on," said Jen to Vanessa.
In response, Bayer said she does a “great bit as Rachel,” which triggered the two going off at each other in their “Rachel” voices - except Jen was totally taking the piss out of THAT Rachel/Jen amalgamation.

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