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Monday 6 June 2011

The Amazing Race Australia - Chris and Anastasia

Will this couple overtake Richard and Joey as the most talked about duo on the often-controversial, hugely popular reality show The Amazing Race Australia?

Watch this 'leaked footage', taken from tonight's ep and have your say... what do you think about this team?

And for the couple's profile video, go here (looks like Chris really, really likes Anastasia's, er, rack):



  1. AVO waiting to happen- no one deserves to be spoken to like that. This guy is a creep

  2. i'll try and get some goss for you. the chick works for a client of mine.

  3. I have one word. Narcissist. He's a disgrace. I think the producers need to do something about the way he acts and more importantly the way he treats that poor girl. If thats how he acts when the cameras are rolling I don't want to think about what happens behind closed doors. Wife beater alert is an understatement. He's an embarressment.

  4. Chris is nothing more than an aggressive bully with low self esteem. His behaviour is archaic and of a peasant mentality. (Despite his "education"). If Anastasia is smart, she will walk away him and never look back - she can do ten times better. If he is smart - he'll get some help!!!!

  5. This guy is horrible. Sure get a little annoyed cos the bucket spilled, but don't go off at your GF like that. That is disgusting. What happens when the camera's aren't running??? Though your right about him liking her rack - probs the only reason they are together. Not surprised if the police come knocking at his door after the show

  6. That *insert insult here* needs a punch in the face, although I wouldn't be surprised if that's how poor Anastasia ends up. Like the others said, if that's how he acts on national television, how will he act behind closed doors?

  7. Pretty sure now that this is verbal domestic abuse,and if this wallaby was in the street and doing this to his girlfriend, I'm damn sure I would "educate" him about respect for women. He and channel 7 are making a joke of domestic violence against women....SHAME.

  8. hey freako "they just pick the parts they makes publicity. They leave out the bits where she doesn't want to do any work and makes him carry her bag and stuff";
    1- learn basic English grammar
    2- sure everyone fights but they don't espouse the vitriolic misogyny that this A-hole does
    3- no wonder you know Chris

  9. Don't be silly, the ONLY reason we even talk to you skanks[females] is that you have a hole-between-your-legs

    If you did/nt have that play thing you would be stacked 25-high at the tip


    PS I would NOT be sucked off by G.Greer