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Thursday 2 June 2011

Kylie Minogue - and THAT baby question

Hey journos, how about not asking Kylie Minogue the baby question anymore when you interview her?

It makes her visibly uncomfortable (although she's pretty adept at deflecting) and it's awkward all 'round.

That may be because, you know, she's been trying to actually have a baby. And it's not happening. Or she may have fertility issues connected to her cancer battle. Whatever it is, it's kinda rude to ask the baby question to a woman of a certain age.

It is so putting-you-on-the-spot it's not funny. Because if you think to ask a woman that question, it's likely that you already know the answer: that she really is trying to fall pregnant.

If she's in a committed relationship, has been for a while, and/or is over 30, she is highly likely (but not always) trying to have a baby. Which means that this month she wasn't successful. Maybe she just got her period that morning and is feeling fairly delicate. Or perhaps she just got the news the second round of IVF didn't work out. Or she just had a miscarriage.

In any of these scenarios, she needn't have to explain herself to you. Or try to choke back her tears. Or give herself away - by choking those tears - because you were too insenstive to ask. Seriously.

I will admit I really (really!) did not enjoy getting 'the question' when we were trying to fall pregnant. Especially from people who should have known better - those close enough to me (but generally not interested in the usual goings on in my life), to know it could be an issue. That kinda reeks of 'getting the gossip', not a question laced with concern or love.

So imagine how Kylie feels, with a camera pointed in her face?

Here is how Kylie reacted to the question, when asked by the A Current Affair reporter:

"Ah, the family question...

"Only because I can't give you an answer...

"If it's meant to be it's meant to be.

"If family isn't it my future I know that I have those boys [her nephews]."

When asked if she was planning to go down the surrogacy route, she was equally (and understandably) cagey:

"Who knows? There are many ways to have a family."

There are indeed, Kylie! And whatever you do - and how you do it - is your business.

C'mon, media. Let's keep it comfy for our Kyles...

(This baby question here, though, was cleverly weaved in and asked rather politely, and Kylie - as always was all class in her answer):

Picture: Glenn Barnes (The Courier-Mail)

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