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Monday 6 June 2011

Empty Oprah Syndrome: cured. Oprah now on Bio channel

If you have a case of Oprah-itis (that a cream just won't fix) we have your cure right here.

On Foxtel and Austar, you can catch every single final season episode on Oprah's new home at the Bio channel.

Premiering today, Monday June June 6 at 2.30pm, the world’s most popular talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, is celebrating 25 years of life-changing television, with Oprah beginning her final series the way we now know: "You're going to Austraaaaaaalia!"

Final season show June highlights include:

Monday, June 6 – Oprah’s Farewell Season Premiere
Tuesday, June 7 – Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure (Part 1)
Wednesday, June 8 - Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure (Part 2)
Thursday, June 9 - Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure (Ultimate Wildest Dreams)
Friday, June 10 - Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure (Hugh Jackman, Bono and more)
Monday, June 13 - How Wynonna Judd Survived the Ultimate Betrayal
Wednesday, June 14 – 23 Years Later Oprah Returns to Williamson West
Thursday, June 15 – The Discovery headquarters. Hostages come forward
Friday, June 16 – Ultimate Wildest Dreams and Oprah’s New Book
Monday, June 20 – Waiting for Superman – The Movement
Tuesday, June 21 – Jon Stewart and living legend Liza Minnelli
Wednesday, June 22 – Bravest mum in the world set free
Thursday, June 23 – Held Hostage in Iran: American hiker Sarah Shroud
Friday, June 24 – Viewers react to Waiting for Superman
Monday, June 27 – Celebrities take on their dream jobs
Tuesday, June 28 – The mum who fathered her own children
Wednesday, June 29 - Aging beauty – Cybill Shepherd and Linda Evans
Thursday, June 30 – On location in Scotland. Oprah and JK Rowling

The Oprah Winfrey Show is now on the Bio channel, daily at 2.30pm, with repeats of that day's episode at 7.30pm, then again at 12.30am.

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