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Monday 20 June 2011

Tara Lawson Jewellery - new must haves

So, I am a bit of a jewellery freak. A lover of all things that sparkle, interesting pieces to adorn myself with. So I was thrilled to be the first (thanks Colette and Nikki at Park Avenue PR!) to view the new collection from Tara Lawson.

Tara is an artist, jewellery designer and free-spirit living and working in Sydney (pictured here).

In late 2010, after designing for some of Australia’s largest jewellery houses, Tara has now released her own signature collection.

Featured here, her debut collection Lush Land, is a compilation of organic statement pieces through to the delicately layered.

Tara's signature style includes elements of geometry and nature, entwined with mystisim and magic, to create an earthy and luxe feeling. These designs are individually handcrafted and cast in precious metals and decorated with semi-precious stones.

Tara is inspired by nature and symbology, astrology, mystisim and magic, individualism and freedom. Her debut collection, like Tara herself, blends mystery with love, reminiscent of stories both intriguing and whimsical.

The pieces pictured are:

Phalynx Ring $40 and Phalynx Triset $50

Tear and Stone Ear (Blue Lace Agate) $120

Shagnet Necklace $220

Kinetic earrings (my fave!) $60, charm sold separately

For where to buy, just scroll down here: http://www.youngrepublic.com.au/index.php?dispatch=products.search&company_id=108&type=extended&search_performed=Y

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  1. Tara's jewellery designs are inspired by nature.Tara blends mystery with love in her designs.