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Tuesday 30 August 2011

Coles Mix clothing range. On-sale tomorrow

Would you like a t-shirt with your tomatoes?

How about a pair of pants with your potato chips?

Tomorrow, Coles supermarket will be the first in Australia to mix fashion with groceries.

Launching an exclusive collection of clothing and accessories to be sold in selected Coles supermarkets, the range will first launch within the freshly refurbed Coles store in Burwood, Victoria.

This will be the first of many Coles stores across the country to sell the collection called 'Mix', touted as fresh, affordable, and stylish.

Surprisingly, supermarket clothing collections have proven a huge success overseas.

Loblaws, a Canadian supermarket chain, has found huge success with their 'Joe Fresh' fashion line, and French supermarket Monoprix has an el cheapo (yet stylish, of course!) clothing line which has been so successful it now has stand-alone stores.

The majority of Mix items are priced under $25, with t-shirts starting from
as little as eight bucks.

The spring Mix collection is a range of block colours, neutral shades, prints
and stripes, and accessories, including beachwear, with the range regularly refreshed every two weeks throughout the season.

Now that's fresh!

The collections will be housed as a ‘store within a store’ concept, complete with displays of apparel and accessories. Choose away, then simply add your Mix pieces to your shopping trolley, and pay for it all along with your groceries.

Fifty two Coles stores across Australia will receive the Mix line from October 6, 2011, with additional stores in 2012.


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