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Monday 15 August 2011

Swift & Shift couriers - Season 2, starts tonight

Swift & Shift, the SBS show taking the piss out of the courier and transport industry, is back tonight for season two.

Paul Fenech, the man behind this so-bad-it's-good Aussie comedy, and other gems like Pizza and the on-hold-for-now controversial series Housos, talked to Josie's Juice about season two of the Swift & Shift:

Finally, Swift & Shift is back for series two. Why did fans have to wait so long?
Because SBS were scared that our storyline about Indian workers trying to take Aussie jobs was too touchy last year, due to the media drama over violence against Indians.

Can you give a sneak peek on what’s happening at Hashfield Depot this series.
Mario stalks Melissa, Indian workers try to take the jobs at Hashfield, and globalisation threatens the Swift & Shift depot at Hashfield.

I hear that there have been cutbacks at Hashfield Depot – what will that mean for the long suffering staff there?
Yes, many staff are laid off in the new series - just like the real life cutbacks that have had to be made.

What lead you to write a series based on the goings on at a courier depot? Did someone - or a run-in with a courier - inspire you to focus on that in particular?
Just thought it would be a funny setting for comedy, with all the dramas over every little package.

Swift & Shift season two starts tonight, on SBS, at 8.30pm.

For a sample of season one, watch this:

And for a teaser of season two (with a f%$#load of swearing), click play here:

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