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Monday 22 August 2011

Shane Warne: metrosexual much? Do women always want to change their men?

So, you've witnessed the recent evolution of Shane Warne.

And many of us have an opinion about it. A very vocal one.

But how many women have changed their men. Go on. Admit it.

You meet a bloke. You want to tweak. You know, maybe just a tad.

Soon, you're buying him clothes. Suggesting a new hairdresser, perhaps. Maybe even taking him to the shops, undertaking a makeover akin to an ep of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

He doesn't seem to mind. May he's even enjoying the attention.

And then, well... you go a step too far. You tell him those jeans are all wrong, those glasses just daggy, that jacket out of date, the shoes... well, they just have to go.

He repels, recoils... and you retreat. For now.

When the dust settles, you go subtle. Much more. No need to hurt his feelings, you decide. That comes later when you've been together for years. Ha.

And then there's Liz Hurley,

The chat is around how much pull she's had on Shane Warne's new look.

When the first photo of Warnie's obv transformation emerged she came to his defence, declaring that the sheen on Shane's lips was probs the transfer of her lipgloss onto his smacker. You know, when she planted one on him.

We didn't buy it. We let it go. For now.

Then new pics emerged. The dramatic weight loss. The cinched in waist. The OTT tan.

And then, the final straw: the colour coordinated golfing outfit. The perfectly coiffed hair. The overall Ken doll appearance. It's all too much, we cried.

When, oh when would we have our badly-bleached, zinc-covered, pot-bellied Warnie back?

C'arn, spill: why does Warnie's new look bother you so much?

And have you ever pulled a Hurley?

Go on, share... no judgement!

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