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Sunday 3 March 2013

'Peter Gravy' - Peter Harvey parody on 'Friday News Review': VIDEO

Gosh, there are so many things I remember about Australian journalist and news legend Peter Harvey. Rest in peace.

That voice (dubbed "the voice of God"). That sign-off ("Peter Harvey... Caaaan-berra."). That stature and demeanour, and professionalism and willingness to take on the most fun reporting gigs (his yearly coverage of Sydney's Fashion Week was always a highlight).

But this. This I had forgotten about. As part of the 'Friday News Review' - a popular feature of broadcaster Mike Carlton's long-running radio program, which was a weekly political satire segment with hilarious sketches on high-profile politicians, celebrities and sportspeople portrayed by Australian actor and television personality Josh Zepps - Peter Harvey was dubbed 'Peter Gravy'. His puppet alter-ego was joined by: Brian Hambone, Bob Hope, Scrooge, Mad Mal and Rox Messup. Watch and reminisce:

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