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Tuesday 4 March 2014

Pope Francis says "Cazzo": VIDEO


The beacon of light to all Catholics - Pope Francis - said… "cazzo." (Cue: immature, juvenile laughter).

Now, as an Italo-Australian (born here, both my parents came to Australia from Sicily in 1966; dad was a cool cat who flatted with a bunch of Italian blokes in Kings Cross before that), I have heard "cazzo" in various contexts, and although cazzo translates to, well, "cock" (or penis, or dick, or… you get the idea), when you say "testa di cazzo" ("dickhead"), or "che cazzo fai", the context of "cock" changes to, er, "fuck."

So, "che cazzo fai" means, "what the fuck are you doing?", not, "what the cock are you doing?" (What the HELL am I doing writing this piece…)

And so, back to the Pope.

"Il papa" was delivering his usual blessed Sunday mass in Rome's St. Peter's Square on Sunday, and, hellooo... slip of the tongue!

Translated to English, he said: "If each of us were to accumulate wealth not only for ourselves but to put at the service of others, in this [dick/fuck], in this caseGod’s providence would manifest itself in this gesture of solidarity."


Hey, my fellow Catholics, I mean no disrespect. But, C'MON… it's funny.


No, hats off to YOU, Pope Francis

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