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Monday 31 March 2014

L'Oréal Paris: Zoe Saldana International Spokesperson

Hollywood actress and stunning beauty Zoe Saldana has just been announced as the new international spokesperson for L'Oréal Paris.

Here is the video below, featuring the eloquent, beautiful actress (I am a huge fun of her interviews; she seems a very clever woman), whose father hails from the Dominican Republic, and mother from Puerto Rico. She's hugely proud of her Latin culture and speaks Spanish, and of course, English.

The official statement from L'Oreal Paris says:

"We are delighted to officially announce that Zoe Saldana is the new International Spokesperson of L'Oréal Paris! Zoe Saldana, epitome of a true Hollywood star, and widely renowned for her role as Neytiri in sci-fi Award-winning blockbuster Avatar, has built her reputation as a versatile and respected international actress by casting eclectic roles with passion. The radiant and versatile Hollywood actress is a welcome addition to the L'Oreal Paris family!"

Here is the video, with the breathtaking photos just released by L'Oreal:

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