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Friday 14 November 2014

Bondi Hipsters 'do' Kim Kardashian #BreakTheInternet

That Kim Kardashian #BreakTheInternet Paper magazine cover photo?

This is the version presented by Bondi Hipsters, those crazy funny kooksters (who also happen to have a new, quite awesome show on ABC TV).

Here is their caption the posted on social media, and allllll their photos. 'Warning': there IS 'mangina'...

Here's some more Rubbish for your daily newsfeed...
When interviewed by Rubbish Mahgazine, Adrian said:
"There's nothing we cahn do thaht's not documented, so why not grease up your ass ahnd put it all over the internet"
"It's been a while since I've taken a selfie... So I needed some validation and some indication that I was still relevant"
"You just hahve to not care about your own soul. You hahve to say this is my junk and it is what it is."
"Every Tuesday a garbage truck comes to pick up my rubbish"
Photos shot by Pat Stevenson of Hobo.

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