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Sunday 2 November 2014

Cass and Jason’s cancer fight, 'Sunday Night': VIDEO

The story - presented by the beautiful Sally Obermeder - everyone is talking about.

Cass Nascimento and Jason Carrasco were a young couple, brought together by a terrible illness, but they would only have a few years together.

Cass and Jason, as they each went through their cancer battles, and supported each other

What they did in that time was truly inspiring.

Sally: the only person who tell this emotional story, having battled cancer herself, with vigour and passion and, thankfully, living to tell the story.

Jason did too. Very sadly, Cass did not…

Watch the entire story here:

Gloria was awarded Barnados Australian Mother of the Year for 2014.
Gloria was nominated by another Jason, was given the honour at a ceremony on Friday, May 9. She was up against incredible women representing each state and territory.
Jason's intention: he wanted Gloria to be recognised for all of the care and support she offered other young cancer patients when Cass was going through treatment.
"At first I was overwhelmed [with the acknowledgement] but then I knew Cassie would be watching," Gloria said at the time.
"She was such a go-getter; she would have said 'Go for it, Mum!'"
Gloria and Jason are both continuing their work with Sony Foundation and their You Can campaign, of which Cass was such a loyal supporter.
They will host a walk in November in Wollongong to honour Cass' memory. To find out more about that, click here.
You can also donate to the foundation here.

To find out more about You Can on their Facebook page, click here.
Cassi and her mum, Gloria

Rest in peace, beautiful soul.
Cassi and Jason

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