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Tuesday 4 November 2014

EVY Professional Hair Straightener: Beauty Road-Test

The future of styling has arrived! Has it just.

You guys, the EVY styler is… something else! 

The next generation of stylers and straighteners is here and you will be hooked, I promise.

Don't just take my word for it, ask a professional, longtime hairstylist: Rosetta from Rosetta's Hair Designz. She trailed the new Evy straightener for Josie's Juice, with mouth-agape results… it is so good. She says: "I have never used anything like this, and I have been styling a long time. The results speak for themselves, and my clients have never been happier."

Here are some incredible before and after shots, taken in Rosetta's salon, all with her longtime clients who left incredibly happy with the finished product:

And this is my hair! Newly balayaged and curled with the new EVY

And now, here's the EVY blurb:

She’s sleek. She’s stylish. She’s all class. And she is about to rock your hair world. Introducing EVY Professional – the new generation in hair tools.

EVY Professional is a hair tool range featuring unique patented Japanese mineral technology. Each of the EVY products feature 32 natural negative ion-generating minerals. This unique blend of post-volcanic minerals injects hydration and moisture into the hair as you style. The end result is hair heaven – silky, smooth, healthy hair every time.
EVY iQ-OneGlide

The styling superstar! Not only does this iron straighten hair to sleek and silky perfection, it also infuses it with hydration and moisture to leave it looking super shiny and healthy.
Along with the 32 natural negative ion-generating minerals infused into the plate, it has the added benefit of 24-carat gold, for smoother glide and deeper hydration.

A new 3-strip plate design literally allows the iron to glide through hair – no more catching.
Created by a woman (and hairdresser to boot!) for women, the EVY iQ-OneGlide has all the features that a woman wants in her iron: digital temperature display, automatic shut-off function after an hour (no more “OMG I’ve left my straightener on moments); and metal ceramic heater for faster heating. EVY Professional iQ-One Glide: RRP $299.

(And then, we also have the EVY Infusalite hairdyerit's the lightest yet most powerful dryer you will ever use! No kidding!)

EVY Infusalite Dryer
This is the lightest, brightest dryer ever! Featuring the same smart ion-generating mineral technology, it infuses hair with inner hydration and moisture. Each blast leaves hair smoother and more hydrated.

As the lightest dryer on the market, weighing in at just 356g, it allows you to maximise your styling prowess. No heavy hand and easy to maneuver for styling success. EVY Professional Infusalite: RRP $199

EVY Brushes
EVY handmade brushes feature natural blended bristles and a mineral infused ceramic barrel to ensure even heat distribution to minimise hair breakage and split ends. EVY Professional Brushes RRP $39.99

EVY Professional is the new generation in advanced ion-powered hair tools, delivering hair-loving minerals to the hair follicles so that it rehydrates, reconditions and restores moisture balance to the hair as you style.

Brand creator and CEO of Aqua Baci (the company behind EVY Professional), Tracey Bazzano Lauretta, said of the launch: “The most exciting aspect of these tools is the technology. It is the only brand with 32+ minerals in a straightener or hair dryer. Our aim is to create the most technologically advanced styling tools and hair products utilising the science of inner hydration. Our products deliver the ultimate in hair hydration infusion.”

And this is the star of the show! Presenting, the EVY styler (see below for stockist info):

And the stylish pouch it comes in:

For more info go here:

And for store locations, go here: http://aquabaci.com.au/store-locator/

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