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Friday 21 November 2014

Roxy Jacenko: 'The Spotlight' - Interview + PHOTOS

Roxy Jacenko's profile has certainly become more prominent and obvious since the last time Josie's Juice spoke to her, talking about book number one 'Strictly Confidential' - it was 2011, and back then, although Roxy had been in the PR business for seemingly an eternity, she was yet to appear on Channel Nine's 'Celebrity Apprentice'. Read that interview here.

It was during her stint on TV that Roxy's profile skyrocketed, and she has not looked back, building on her profile further by launching another two business (see below for more), and generally never staying still. Girl is on fire more than ever, and Josie's Juice again managed to wrangle ten minutes of this PR maestro's time to interview the inimitable Jacenko.

Roxy Jacenko and her daughter Pixie

Much has been said about how close this book is to happenings in your own life, and around you. Can you shed some light?

I certainly draw inspiration from the day to day happenings in my personal and professional life when writing my books, but that said, what you read is fiction, heavily embellished at that!
Of particular interest is the guff around whether the main character's husband is aligned with your own husband, in his disdain for her child/Pixie being entrepreneurial (for the record, I love what you're doing with Pixie's profile - the haters should keep their thoughts to themselves…)

There has certainly been conversations (and at times heated)! with Oliver regarding Pixie’s Instagram @pixiecurtis – but that was early on when there was so much publicity that Oli was a bit shocked, now he is busy taking snap shots with her and sending them to me for upload!!

Tell me what you love about the writing process? Having just written my first book, I know it can be incredibly solitary. How does an extremely busy, social person cope with that? ;)

I think the best thing about the books is that is a chance to uncover some of what happens in the world of PR and showing the reader that no matter what you do in life that everyone has ups and downs and has to fight to stay at the top of their game. I am busy, yes, but no busier than any other working mother, so I guess for me its just about being a great opportunity and making the most of it.

If readers start with The Spotlight, will they get the gist of the story? Or best to start from the first one?

I would suggest starting with book number one, 'Strictly Confidential', moving onto 'The Rumour Mill' and then on to my new book 'The Spotlight', which is out this week. It’s a series and I think the journey is all part of the excitement of experiencing all three books!

Is there a book number four?

Look, I didn’t think there would be a one or a two, let alone a number three!

Okay, now: there MUST be film in thea works! Have you been approached?
Day to day life is most certainly film-worthy; even I baulk at the goings on! And so, if there is, I pick Cameron Diaz to be me!

What is the next for the indefatigable, energetic Roxy Jacenko?
I guess just the continued growth of both Sweaty Betty PR and The Ministry of Talent  [a blogger talent agency] as well as further developing Pixie's bow range into additional products for babies and toddlers – www.pixiespix.com.au

'The Spotlight' is on sale now, from all bookstores. Look for as an e-book too!

Here are some more fab new photos of Roxy with her beautiful daughter (that hair!), Pixie Rose Curtis.

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