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Monday 10 November 2014

'Coyote Tuesdays': Kings Cross reality show - VIDEO

'Coyote Tuesdays' - it's Sydney's answer to 'Geordie Shore' and/or 'Jersey Shore'… and it's happening. Well, when someone green lights it!

The new pilot reality show is about three girls and three guys who work as dancers, DJs and promoters at Kings Cross club Coyote Tuesdays.

You will see much talk about their colourful jobs, their spray tanned skin, OTT drinking, throwing up, sex and… more.

Here is the pilot trailer:

Meet the cast of Coyote Tuesdays, below.

The six live together in the same house and the premise: to follow the group as they run “eight weeks of the biggest events we’ve ever put together."

Sample dialogue: “I’ve asked you eight times, have you had sex with my friend?”

And, this gem: “Pete, you’re gonna be so much more upset when I fuck one of your hot friends.”

Yep. Bring it.

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