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Saturday 8 November 2014

Jerry Seinfeld on Autism: "I think I'm on the spectrum."

Jerry Seinfeld has revealed he believes he's on the autism spectrum.

US TV's Brian Williams interviewed the comedian on Thursday's 'Nightly News', calling Seinfeld "the most restless man in comedy" as they talked about Seinfeld's popular Web series, 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'.

As part of the interview, the topic turned to Seinfeld and what makes him tick.

"Yeah. And this gets to a larger life perspective," said Seinfeld. "If you're more interested in what you have achieved or what your financial position enables you to do than that thing that got those things, you're screwed - in my opinion, you're screwed.

Brian notes that at age 60, Seinfeld is still "figuring out who he is. For example: in recent years as he's learned about autism spectrum disorders, he sees it in himself."

Seinfeld confirms that, saying, "I think, on a very drawn-out scale, I think I'm on the spectrum."

"Why? What are the markers?" asks Brian.

"You know, never paying attention to the right things," says Seinfeld. "Basic social engagement is really a struggle."

Seinfeld goes on to explain, "I'm very literal. When people talk to me and they use expressions, sometimes I don't know what they're saying. But I don't see it as dysfunctional. I just think of it as an alternate mindset."

Well, yay to you Jerry… exactly.

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